About Us


To make going out to eat and traveling on a Gluten-free diet easier – and therefore more enjoyable for those on the Gluten-free diet – and those who share their lives.


Bob Levy was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in February 1995 and has a personal understanding of many of the trials and tribulations other Celiacs face in trying to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle while adhering to a strict Gluten-free diet.

Just a few months after being diagnosed, he began arranging Gluten-free group dinners at restaurants in the Baltimore, Maryland, area and Gluten-free Getaways to an All-Inclusive resort in the Caribbean.

Many of the people who participated in these dinners and trips suggested that Bob had a “real knack” for getting the chefs at these restaurants and resorts to accommodate the Gluten-free diet and that perhaps it should be a full-time endeavor.

It took a while for the concept to develop, but we established Bob & Ruth’s in the Fall of 1998.
In March 1999, we offered our first Eastern Caribbean cruise. Since that time we have offered a wide variety of personally escorted Gluten-free Getaway tours, Ocean and River Boat Cruises, and Destination Resorts all over the World.
These include Safaris, tours of the orient, Down Under, and “mini” Getaways (2-4 nights) with mostly USA destinations. These Gluten-free Getaways represent a wide variety of locations, price ranges, lengths, and settings.  In fact, we have visited 6 of the 7 Continents. We try to make arrangements to meet the desires of as many in the Gluten-free community all over the World.

We recognize that THE FOOD is the primary reason you will travel with us.

We take pride in our reputation for offering not just “safe” gluten-free food, but a wide variety of delicious, delectable menu items on all of our Getaways.

We pay special attention to those items we cannot expect to be ordinarily offered in restaurants – such as bread, baked deserts, fried items, soups, sauces, etc. Ask any of our fellow travelers – whether gluten-free or not about THE FOOD.

We don’t settle for what we call “conference food” – that boneless, skinless, tasteless, chicken breast – steamed veggies, and baked potato.

There is no reason a chef cannot make GREAT food without wheat, rye, and barley – so that’s what we expect and usually get.

Every time we do a gluten-free dinner – either at a local or national chain restaurant – on a cruise ship – at a resort – or at a restaurant anywhere in the world – we are educating someone else about how to accommodate our Gluten-free diet needs.

The discussions, preparations, and implementation of our dinners, Getaways, etc. are often long-term, very time-consuming, and have significant costs involved.

We review the ingredients, methods of preparation, and variety offered on every menu – for every day of our Gluten-free Getaway long before we even leave for the trip.

And then when we’re there we review the menu with the chef once again.

That’s why we personally accompany every Gluten-free Getaway – to assure the safety and quality of the food no matter where we are in the World.