Comprehensive Guide to Enjoying Culvers Gluten-Free Options

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to enjoying gluten-free dining at Culver’s.

Known for its commitment to quality and variety, Culver’s offers an array of gluten-free menu items that cater to those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, gluten food allergy or anyone following a gluten-free diet.

In this article, we’ll explore Culver’s gluten-free options, ensuring a safe and delightful dining experience for all.

Culver’s Gluten-Free Commitment

Culver’s dedication to accommodating food allergies and dietary restrictions is evident in its gluten-free menu offerings.

The fast-food restaurant chain ensures that individuals with gluten intolerance can enjoy their meals without compromising on taste or variety.

Understanding Cross Contact and Culver’s Approach

Cross contact is a significant concern for those with gluten intolerance. Culver’s addresses this by implementing strict kitchen protocols to minimize the risk of gluten cross contamination. While absolute avoidance of cross contact in a fast-food environment is challenging, Culver’s staff are trained to handle gluten-free items with utmost care.

Gluten-Free Menu Items at Culver’s

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Culver’s gluten-free menu items are diverse, ensuring that customers have plenty of choices.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can enjoy:

Gluten-Free Bun Option

  • Gluten-Free Buns: Culver’s offers gluten-free bun options for its burgers, making it a go-to choice for a gluten-free fast food restaurant experience.

Main Courses

  • ButterBurgers: Enjoy Culver’s signature ButterBurgers with a gluten-free bun. These burgers, known for their buttery flavor and juicy patties, can be customized with a range of gluten-free toppings and condiments.
  • Mushroom & Swiss Burger: Available with a gluten-free bun, this burger combines the rich flavors of sautéed mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese, offering a delightful option for gluten-free diners.
  • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich: For those who love a little spice, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich can be made gluten-free by requesting a gluten-free bun and ensuring the buffalo sauce is gluten-free.
  • Chicken Cashew Salad with Grilled Chicken: A variation of the Chicken Cashew Salad, adding grilled chicken provides a protein-packed, gluten-free meal that’s both nutritious and satisfying.
  • Tomato Florentine Soup: Check with your local Culver’s for this soup’s availability in a gluten-free version. It’s a comforting blend of tomatoes and spinach.
  • George’s Chili Supreme: A step up from the regular chili, this version is often topped with cheese, onions, or sour cream, making it a more indulgent gluten-free option.
  • North Atlantic Cod Filet: If prepared without breading, this fish filet can be a gluten-free option. It’s best to confirm with the staff about the preparation method to avoid any cross-contact.
  • Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp: At select locations, these shrimp can be made gluten-free upon request, typically grilled or steamed instead of breaded.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

  • Veggie Burger: Culver’s may offer a gluten-free veggie burger option. Ensure to request a gluten-free bun and check that the veggie patty itself is free of gluten-containing ingredients.
  • Harvest Veggie Burger: A seasonal offering in some locations, this burger can be served with a gluten-free bun, providing a hearty meal for vegetarians following a gluten-free diet.


  • Green Beans: A healthy and safe side option.
  • French Fries: Note that while fries themselves are gluten-free, cross contact can occur in a shared fryer.


  • Fresh Frozen Custard: Culver’s famous frozen custard comes in various flavors, many of which are gluten-free. However, be mindful of mix-ins and toppings.
  • Chocolate Concrete Mixer: A delightful dessert, but ensure to omit any gluten-containing mix-ins.


  • Cheese Soup: Made with real cheese and a blend of gluten-free ingredients.


  • Wild Cherry Pepsi: A refreshing gluten-free beverage choice.
  • Raspberry Shake: Enjoy this creamy shake, but verify the ingredients for gluten.

Culver’s Gluten-Free Bun and Its Ingredients

The gluten-free bun at Culver’s is a highlight, crafted to offer a delicious experience without the gluten. Key ingredients include:

  • Tapioca Starch
  • Brown Rice Flour
  • Xanthan Gum: A gluten-free stabilizer that ensures the bun’s texture.
  • Egg Whites
  • Canola Oil

The Menu: Tips for a Gluten-Free Meal

  • Communicate Clearly: Inform the staff of your gluten intolerance to ensure careful preparation.
  • Avoid Cross Contact: Request that your meal be prepared on a clean surface using separate utensils.
  • Check for Updates: Culver’s menu may change, so it’s always good to double-check for the latest gluten-free options.

Culver’s Versus Other Fast Food Restaurants

When compared to other fast food restaurants, Culver’s stands out for its range of gluten-free items and attention to handling gluten-free food.

While other restaurants may offer limited options, Culver’s ensures a more inclusive dining experience.

Culver’s Innovations in Gluten-Free Dining

Culver’s continues to innovate in the gluten-free space, regularly updating its menu and training staff to cater to the needs of gluten-free customers.

They are proactive in researching and introducing new gluten-free options.

Unique Gluten-Free Offerings at Culver’s

Specialized Gluten-Free Items

  • GF Bun: Culver’s gluten-free bun option is a game-changer for burger lovers. Made from a blend of gluten-free flours, it’s soft, flavorful, and a perfect complement to their delicious burgers.
  • Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad: This unique salad combines the freshness of greens with the richness of bacon, topped with a tangy cranberry vinaigrette, making it a delightful gluten-free choice.

Gluten-Free Desserts

  • Raspberry Shake: Made with real raspberries, this shake is a refreshing gluten-free treat. Ensure to specify your gluten-free needs to avoid any cross-contact.
  • Concrete Mixer: Culver’s iconic Concrete Mixer can be made gluten-free with the right choice of mix-ins like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which are gluten-free.

Culver’s Approach to Gluten-Free Fast Food

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Culver’s stands out among fast food restaurants for its proactive approach to catering to gluten-free diets.

They consistently update their menu to include more gluten-free items, ensuring they provide a variety of options for those who must or choose to avoid gluten.

Training and Awareness

Culver’s staff training includes awareness about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

This training ensures that employees understand the importance of avoiding cross-contact and are knowledgeable about the gluten-free menu items.

Ingredients and Preparation

  • Modified Cellulose: Used in their gluten-free buns, this ingredient helps maintain the texture and structure, ensuring a pleasant eating experience.
  • Canola Oil: A primary cooking oil used in Culver’s kitchens, it’s naturally gluten-free and used for many gluten-free menu items.

Cross Contact Measures

  • Separate Cooking Areas: Culver’s aims to minimize cross contact by using separate cooking areas and utensils for gluten-free items.
  • Sealed Package: Gluten-free buns are often served in a sealed package to prevent cross contact.

Beyond the Menu: Understanding Gluten-Free Needs

Culver’s goes beyond just offering gluten-free menu items; they strive to understand and accommodate the broader needs of those on a gluten-free diet.

Educational Initiatives

Culver’s undertakes educational initiatives to ensure their staff are well-versed in what a gluten-free diet entails and why it’s important for certain customers, enhancing the dining experience for those with gluten sensitivities.

Comparing Culver’s to Other Restaurants

When comparing Culver’s gluten-free options to other fast food restaurants, it becomes evident that Culver’s offers a more comprehensive and safer dining experience for those avoiding gluten.

Menu Diversity

  • Burgers: With their gluten-free buns, Culver’s allows burger enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite meals without worry.
  • Salads: Options like the Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad provide nutritious and delicious gluten-free meals.

Safe Preparation Practices

Culver’s commitment to reducing cross contact and its careful preparation practices set it apart from many other fast food places, making it a preferred choice for gluten-free diners.


Culver’s commitment to providing a diverse and safe gluten-free menu makes it a good choice in the fast food industry.

Whether you’re craving a burger with a gluten-free bun, a refreshing raspberry shake, or a unique salad, Culver’s offers something for every gluten-free diner, ensuring a delicious and worry-free dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Culver's Onion Rings Have Gluten?

Yes, Culver's onion rings do contain gluten. They are breaded and fried, making them unsuitable for those on a gluten-free diet due to the presence of wheat in the breading.

What are the Ingredients in Culver's Gluten-Free Buns?

Culver's gluten-free buns are specially formulated to cater to customers with gluten sensitivities. While the exact ingredient list may vary and should be confirmed with Culver's directly for the most accurate information, typical ingredients in gluten-free buns include: Tapioca Starch: Often used in gluten-free baking for its light texture.
Brown Rice Flour: A common gluten-free flour alternative.
Xanthan Gum: Acts as a stabilizer and binder in gluten-free baking.
Egg Whites: Provide structure and help with leavening.
Canola Oil: Used as a fat source, contributing to the bun's moistness.

Are the fries at Culver's gluten-free?

The fries themselves are gluten-free, but they are typically cooked in a shared fryer, which may lead to cross-contact with gluten. It’s best to ask at the specific location about their frying practices.