Gluten-Free Vegetable-Based Soup Recipes

gluten free vegetable soup.jpg

Embark on a journey of healthful indulgence with our ‘3 Vegetable-Based Gluten-Free Soup Recipes’.

This carefully curated collection is a celebration of nature’s bounty, featuring vibrant, nourishing soups that are as delightful to the palate as they are beneficial for your well-being.

Each recipe is a testament to the versatility of vegetables, transforming them into comforting, gluten-free bowls of goodness.

From the rustic charm of a hearty root vegetable medley to the soothing embrace of a smooth, creamy creation, these soups are designed to cater to a variety of tastes while upholding dietary needs.

Perfect for those seeking wholesome, plant-based options or anyone looking to add a touch of green to their meals, our collection is a gateway to guilt-free, gluten-free gastronomy.

So, let’s celebrate the flavors of vegetables in their purest form and dive into a world of simple yet spectacular soup sensations!

1) Rich and Creamy Tomato Soup

Our gluten-free tomato soup is a silky, rich, and hearty soup, guaranteed to become a family favorite.


  • Fresh ripe tomatoes or canned tomatoes
  • Gluten-free chicken or vegetable broth
  • Olive oil, minced garlic
  • Optional: cream for richness


  • Sauté garlic in olive oil, add tomatoes, and simmer with broth.
  • Blend until smooth, and add cream if desired for a luxurious finish.


2) Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Soup

Savor the creamy, comforting delight of our Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Soup. A perfect blend of rich flavors and wholesome ingredients, this soup is a warm, nourishing treat for any day


  • Butternut squash, cubed
  • Chicken or vegetable stock
  • Coconut milk
  • Spices: ginger, nutmeg 


  • Roast the butternut squash to enhance its sweetness, then simmer in stock with ginger until soft.
  • Puree and stir in coconut milk before serving.


3) Hearty Bean Soup

Dive into the robust and satisfying flavors of our Hearty Bean Soup. Packed with nutritious beans and a medley of savory ingredients, this soup is a fulfilling meal that warms the soup.


  • Mixed beans, soaked and cooked
  • Vegetable or beef broth
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Aromatics: onion, celery, carrots


  • Cook the beans and vegetables in a flavorful broth until everything is tender.
  • For added richness, a dollop of sour cream can be stirred in before serving.