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Why Travel With Us?

Since Bob is a Celiac and strictly follows the Gluten-free Diet, we have personal understanding of many of the trials and tribulations that others on the Gluten-free diet face. It can be difficult at times trying to maintain a healthy happy lifestyle, while maintaining a strict Gluten-free diet - especially when going out to eat and even more so when traveling.


Being on the gluten-free diet makes your vacations or just going out to eat in your hometown stressful. There is no food item on a menu that you can order without having to question or negotiate. To be safe many only stay where they can cook ALL their meals themselves. Not much of a vacation for the one doing the cooking, but at least it’s a change of scenery.

When you travel with us we take away ALL of that stress. We negotiate every menu item as to ingredients, methods of preparation and even brand names of pre-made products purchased for our group. Then, when we arrive for each meal, we once again question the Chef as to ingredients, etc. We do the work and take the stress out of your going out to eat. Allowing you to enjoy safe and great Gluten-free food.

We pay special attention to all of the menus we design for our getaways emphasizing the comfort foods that we on the gluten-free diet cannot usually have available to us at restaurants.

Experiencing the local ethnic food items is an important part of our meal planning.

Gluten-free food becomes the highlight of your travels with Bob & Ruth’s - instead of the most stressful as it is when you travel on your own.


Months before the scheduled date for us to arrive at the destination of our Gluten-Free Getaway, we have our agents submit to us the menus for each meal we will be served. Be they hotel restaurants, regular restaurants, destination resorts or cruise ships - we will know what foods they plan on serving us. We review every item on those menus and question ingredients and methods of preparation. Many times we suggest ways to make non-gluten-free items to be modified to be gluten-free so that our group can enjoy many special foods that we can’t usually order in restaurants.

In addition to ingredients and method of preparation, we also pay attention to the variety of foods on the menus, especially those ethnic specialties of the area of the world we are in and emphasizing the comfort foods that we on the gluten-free diet cannot usually have available to us in restaurant. Food is one of the important things that makes travel exciting and rewarding.


To assure that all the chef’s on our gluten-free getaways serve us the foods that we have arranged and been promised beforehand, we personally escort all of our Gluten-free Getaways. Many times there has been a change of chef or management and we are there to assure you that we will get safe, great food as promised. We’re also there to assist when we can with other issues that may come up during the Getaways.


We often have participants on our Gluten-free Getaways that have other food sensitivities and many of them are not those with Celiac disease.

We, of course, will take care of the Gluten-free issues and then we will introduce the individual with other sensitivities to the chef - so that they can personally discuss their "other dietary needs". We have always been able to accommodate reasonable requests. We obviously can't promise the offerings will be the same as those to the rest of the group, but you will be accommodated.


On all of our cruises and destination resorts those not on the Gluten-free diet are offered the regular food and those who are on the diet are offered a gluten-free menu designed by us for our group.

On our tours and at destination resorts we provide gluten-free food for all participants. We are very proud of the reputation we have for providing not only safe Gluten-free food, but great food as well. We will not settle for what we call "conference food", such as that boneless, skinless, tasteless chicken breast, steamed vegetables and a baked potato. Any chef worth his Toque does not need wheat, barley, rye or oats to make great gluten-free food.


Because of one very major thing most of our travelers have in common - being on the Gluten-free diet or living with someone who is – the people in our groups come together very quickly. Many have become friends and join each other on many of our Gluten-free Getaways. No need to explain to others that you might be eating with otherwise if you were traveling alone what the Gluten-free diet is all about and what Celiac Disease is.


If you are traveling alone, we offer a Best Efforts Travel Mate Program to provide you with room or cabin mates to save you the dreaded Single Supplement charges that you often have to pay. If you are interested in using this Program just give us a call and we’ll explain all the details.

We have been fairly successful in the past if we are made aware of your request as early as possible.


Children are welcome on all of our Gluten-free Getaways - except for those few that are indicated to be Adults Only. Your child's personality, interests, likes and dislikes will determine which of our Gluten-free Getaways would be most appropriate for them.