Gluten-Free Bakeries in Las Vegas You Should Visit

gluten free bakery las vegas

When visiting a new place, we all know how challenging it can be to find gluten-free treats, snacks, or meals.

However, Las Vegas is a very welcoming city for people who avoid gluten in their food, and you’ll be glad to know you’ve got many options available.

The objective is still to enjoy gluten-free pastries, bread, or cake while on your traveling spree. So, let’s look at some gluten-free bakeries and delicious snacks in Las Vegas.

Best 11 Gluten-Free Bakeries in Las Vegas

Depending on how gluten-sensitive or intolerant you are, this list is merely intended to point you in the right direction.

It includes a list of places that are dedicated gluten-free and adhere to the suggested protocols for preventing cross-contamination and Non-dedicated gluten-free bakeries with only gluten-free options available.

1) GlutenZero Bakery

GlutenZero Bakery.jpg

Since the owner/baker of GlutenZero Bakery has celiac disease, she ensures the safety of every client.

All the products offered by this bakery, including the drinks, are purportedly gluten-free.

Also, many individuals have voiced support for how amazing the place is and how frequently they visit and love each item they try.

Even those without celiac disease are welcome to visit due to the excellent taste of each item and the inviting atmosphere; you won’t even notice that the items sold here are gluten-free.

So, you might want to pay a visit here. The only cons are that this bakery has limited hours and item selection.

2) Mrs. Bickel’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Mrs. Bickel’s Gluten-Free Bakery.jpg

Mrs. Bickel’s gluten-free baking provides gluten-free buns not just locally but throughout southern Arizona. Despite not being a walk-in bakery, they deliver right to your door, and I can bet that you will love the blue Hawaii smoothie bowl! It is incredibly calming.

They are friendly and willing to answer any queries you may have about their products.

The galaxy bar is a fantastic spot to visit with its numerous special goodies.

In fact, if you tried one of their gluten-free brownie cookies, you wouldn’t know it is gluten-free at first taste.

Additionally, they provide low glycemic options.

3) Senza Gluten Free Bakery

Senza Gluten Free Bakery,jpg

Senza Gluten Free Bakery is a dedicated gluten-free bakery! It is a top-notch gluten-free bakery with highly affordable prices!

They have an excellent selection and lots of dairy-free and vegan options.

When you have a food allergy like gluten, it’s just wonderful to get amazing products that taste great and for a fantastic price.

They offer a wide variety of desserts, including custom cakes that can be dairy-free, cinnamon rolls, bread, cookies, and much more.

The team is open about staffing and ingredient shortages, but the only drawback is that the menu frequently changes.

Nevertheless, you might want to check them out.

4) Pizza Rock

Pizza Rock.jpg

Although Pizza Rock is not a gluten-dedicated facility, they make their gluten-free pizza on a clean work surface with fresh gloves.

Additionally, they use a special gluten-free oven and store the gluten-free crust separately.

Pizza Rock offers a variety of delicious gourmet pizzas with gluten-free options clearly marked.

The lively pizza restaurant is a great place to stop if you’re visiting Fremont Street or any other Downtown attractions.

They are located at Downtown Grand, Fremont 201 North 3rd Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

5) Starburst Parlor

Starburst Parlor.jpg

Starburst Parlor prides itself on being a dedicated, gluten-free bakery.

The best part is that everything is made with swerve sweetener, making it perfect for people with diabetes and celiac disease.

They provide cakes, cookies, cupcakes, coffee/tea, and other gluten-free and keto-friendly treats.

It is a fantastic place for brunch or breakfast.

The meal there was, at best, ordinary in terms of taste, but since senses of taste vary, I would still suggest it to anyone who must eat gluten-free.

6) Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream.jpg

Although Sprinkles is not a gluten-free dedicated bakery, they do have several gluten-free products available, including their gluten-free chocolate chip cookie made with rice flour and their well-known gluten-free Red Velvet, which is clearly marked with a red “G.”

You can find them at 3545 South Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada 89109, and you can learn more about them by visiting their website,

7) Veganbites


VeganBites makes delicious organic, vegan, and gluten-free cakes, cookies, and sweets using only natural, non-GMO ingredients.

They offer a variety of desserts, including cheesecake, cake pops, cupcakes, and brownies.

You can place an order for delivery anywhere in Las Vegas or swing by for a quick bite.

8) Nutriente Pastry Studio

Nutriente Pastry Studio.jpg

The Nutriente Pastry store is a lovely, tidy spot in Las Vagas.

The staff members here are so welcoming and friendly.

Along with the menu listing all the available flavors at this cookie shop, they will show you the various cookie samples.

The desserts on display can appear a little, but overall, the pastries’ flavors are excellent.

This pastry store is the place to go if you need a fantastic cake for any occasion!

9) Caked Las Vegas

Caked Las Vegas.jpg

If you’re in Las Vegas, Caked Las Vegas is a great spot to find gluten-free cupcakes.

Although there aren’t many gluten-free options, those are great.

Caked Las Vegas sells gluten-free cupcakes in addition to other items.

It is best to consider the danger of cross-contamination, as this restaurant is not a dedicated gluten-free facility and might be unsafe for individuals with celiac disease.

10 Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes.jpg

Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz established Nothing Bundt Cakes in 1997, and it has since expanded across the country.

You can find Nothing Bundt in Las Vegas at 8320 W Sahara Ave Ste 140.

These cake varieties, including red velvet, confetti, carrot cake, and white chocolate raspberry, are ones that you’d love.

There are larger sizes available for the sweet little Bundt Cakes that you will find there. You should look them up.

11) Freed’s Bakery

Freed’s Bakery.jpg

Freed’s Bakery is still run and owned by the same family after more than sixty years.

It has evolved from offering a small selection of breakfast dishes to specializing in extravagant designer cakes, unique cookies, and cake slices, in addition to a superb range of classic bakery items.

The nice part is that Freed’s Bakery has many gluten-free options available.

They have a fantastic selection of delectable desserts and bespoke cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pastries, cake slices, and desserts that are freshly baked daily.

When you walk into the store, there are two lines: one on the right is for preorders, and the other is for regular purchases.

Many people have praised the spot, stating how great it is and how they frequent there and enjoy it each time.


For more gluten-free snacks in Las Vagas, you can also visit Blooming Buns Bakehouse at 8320 W Sahara Ave Ste 140 Las Vegas, Milk Bar Las Vegas at 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, The Cupcakery, Las Vegas at 9680 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, Donut Bar at 124 S 6th St Ste 140 Las Vegas, Cinnaholic at 4165 S Grand Canyon Dr. Ste 103 Las Vegas and tsp baking company at 6120 N Decatur Blvd, North Las Vegas.

The only drawback of non-gluten-free dedicated facilities is the danger of cross-contamination, which poses a serious concern to persons who have celiac disease.

So, before ordering from any of those restaurants, consider this risk.