Gluten-Free-Friendly Restaurants in Austin

gluten free restaurants austin

As we know, finding a gluten-free meal can be difficult when visiting a new location.

However, Austin is known as a very welcoming city for people who avoid gluten in their food.

The objective is still to dine in restaurants with other people while you’re traveling.

You can alter the menu without causing too much trouble for the chef and avoid embarrassing anybody by throwing up.

Here in Austin, there are specialized restaurants that only serve gluten-free meals, well-trained cooks with clearly defined menus, and restaurants with entirely different lists of dishes.

Let’s look at some gluten-free restaurants and meals found in Austin.

Gf Restaurants in Austin to Eat Safe

You should note that this is not strictly a list of gluten-free restaurants that have received certification and adhere to suggested methods for preventing cross-contamination.

This list is intended to point you in the proper direction when you visit Austin.

1) Wilder Wood

Everything this restaurant offers is reportedly gluten-free, including all the food. Many individuals have voiced support for how amazing the place is and how frequently they visit and love it each time.

Even those without celiac disease are welcome to visit due to the excellent food and inviting atmosphere; you won’t even notice that the meals served here are gluten-free. So, you might want to pay a visit here.

2) Brick Oven

Austin’s downtown area saw the establishment of Brick Oven in 1982 and reported to have used cast components that were more than a century old to construct the biggest wood-fired Brick Oven in Texas from original designs.

A similar-sized oven was built in 1989, along with the addition of a second facility in Northwest Austin. Here at Brick Oven, they serve celiac-friendly pizzas you would love. You can find the brick oven at 1608 W. 35th Street.

3) Patrizi’s Austin

Patrizis Austin.jpg

Not only does Patrizi offer delicious gluten-free sauces, but it also has a welcoming ambiance.

Locals in Austin now consider Patrizi’s to be a favorite restaurant.

They also make a fantastic bolognese sauce with Italian sausage added.

Zucchini “pasta” strips are topped with this sauce.

You would love it, I tell you.

4) Cypress Grill

The Cypress Grill is a local restaurant serving American, seafood, Cajun and Creole, bar fare, and pub fare at 4404 W William Cannon Dr., Suite L, Austin. It also offers a variety of gluten-free options.

Additionally, they offer outdoor seating, parking, highchairs, wheelchair accessibility, alcohol (wine and beer), a full bar, takeout, reservations, delivery, live music, television viewing, a family-style dining atmosphere, dog friendly, and a non-smoking restaurant.

5) ATX Cocina

Atx Cocina is an inspired Mexican restaurant that uses the best natural ingredients and healthy oils to prepare its food.

Their address is 110 San Antonio Street, Suite 170, Austin.

Fantastic site, I must say!

The restaurant is entirely free of gluten, with a lovely atmosphere.

Additionally, it offers excellent alcoholic beverages and tasty, sharing dishes of all sizes.

The menu can be challenging to grasp if you don’t speak Spanish, but generally, it’s a beautiful and safe experience for celiacs.

It would be worth it to try their queso and Caesar salad whenever you visit.

6) Bar Peached

Bar Peached.jpg

Some of the best Asian-inspired cuisine, craft drinks, and excellent gluten-free alternatives can all be found at Bar Peached.

This restaurant, situated in the historic Clarksville district, has a spacious 13-seat bar, intimate inside dining emphasized by shiplap walls, and a sizable outside patio with a heritage tree.

The Peanut Scallion Pork Ssam, which consists of tender belly crispy braised pork shoulder with peanut scallion sauce, might be their finest gluten-free dish.

You might want to check them out.

7) Mr. Natural

The Mr. Natural restaurant has been operating since 1988 and focuses on vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free food.

Every day, Mr. Natural offers a special; check their website to see what they are currently offering. In addition to hot cuisine, they also have ready meals, a small grocery section, and a juice bar.

The Migas Plate (made with tortilla strips, scrambled eggs, salsa ranchera, and pico de gallo), the Cowboy Scramble (made with tofu, pico de gallo, potatoes, Soyrizo, salsa ranchera, and Daiya cheese), and the Crispy Taco ( Soy-Rizo and potatoes in a crispy corn taco shell) are some of their gluten-free menu items.

Additionally, you can customize your preferred taco by requesting the ingredients you like.

8) Picnik

Picnik is a dedicated gluten-free facility and serves Bread/Buns, Breakfast Tacos, Chicken Fingers/Nuggets, French Toast, Pancakes, and more.

Their meals are 100% gluten-free and super DELICIOUS with a knowledgeable and friendly staff.

They endeavor to use quality and natural ingredients here. Here in Austin, it is considered one of the best eat out for all celiacs.

Although some say the meals are very small and the prices are high, it is still well worth the money.

9) True Food Kitchen

There are some delicious, healthful meals at True Food Kitchen.

The True Food Kitchen restaurant is open for dine-in service and no-contact pick-up and delivery and is situated in the Seaholm neighborhood of downtown Austin (222 West Avenue Suite HR100, Austin).

This kitchen prepares gluten-free meals for you when requested, but it is not a dedicated gluten-free facility.

In addition to their sumptuous meals, they also have creative, hand-crafted beverages.

10) Veracruz Tacos

Veracruz Tacos.jpg

Veracruz Tacos is an affordable Mexican restaurant in Austin that serves tasty tacos prepared with handmade corn tortillas that are free of gluten.

These are all homemade, and they were all made with your delight in mind.

Vera Cruz Tacos is a highly specialized taco restaurant, although they also offer other dishes such as loaded nachos and quesadillas.

Additionally, they serve delicious side dishes like guacamole and handmade salsa.

For drinks, they provide a wide variety of shakes, artisan brews, fruit juices, fizzy drinks, and several kinds of coffee for coffee lovers.

11) Ichi Umi Sushi

A comprehensive gluten-free menu is available at this sushi restaurant in North Austin, with choices like the avocado roll and Wildflower roll with tuna, salmon, Crimson Baby Roll, Sauce, White Rice, Hamachi Don, and mango.

You can place online orders at the Sushi website for delivery or visit for takeout.

12) The Well

The Well is a dedicated gluten-free facility that offers meals without gluten, soy, or refined sugar.

Austin is a haven for anyone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Their food is incredibly delectable, with competent staff that is welcoming, not to mention their beautiful atmosphere.

13) Rebel Cheese

This independent restaurant is known for its vegan artisan cheeses but also offers a wide selection of gluten-free dishes.

They could well be found in Austin at 2200 Aldrich Street, Ste. 120.

You should check them out.

14) Koriente Restaurant

With platters that are frequently a riot of color thanks to vibrant carrots, scarlet cabbage, and fresh avocado, Koriente is a modest restaurant located at 621 E 7th Street in Austin.

It is one of those locations where you can literally eat the colors.

The restaurant serves a variety of gluten-free rice and noodle bowls with your choice of tofu, beef, Mahi Mahi, ahi tuna, or chicken.

15) Pie Jacked

Pie Jacked.jpg

The Pie Jacked Bakery is located in Round Rock, Texas, at 1105 S. Mays Street, Suite 200.

Pie Jacked offers snacks free of the most prevalent allergens in addition to producing products without wheat, barley, or rye.

They make their pies without gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, or corn and with natural fruit fillings, non-GMO ingredients, and cane sugar.

Instead, they substitute natural alternatives to corn.

16) Maaribu

Malibu is a dedicated gluten-free facility housed in a lovely home décor store; this bakery’s cafe/coffee shop does not use gluten-containing ingredients.

All the delectable snacks and beverages are GF, and there is lovely patio seating to enjoy your treats.

You might want to try their PB cookie; it is entirely dairy- and gluten-free.

17) Eastside Café

An extensive menu section of gluten-free dishes, including enchiladas, fresh seafood, and locally sourced proteins, is offered by this Eastside Cafe, which is located at 2113 Manor Rd in Austin.

Both the pricing and the portions are generous.

It would be best if you visited to see them for yourself.

18) Bartlett’s

Burgers, fries, sandwiches, meaty meals, and desserts are all available on the restaurant’s gluten-free menu.

Both indoor and outdoor dining are available at the restaurant; however, making reservations in advance is advisable because tables are frequently occupied.

In addition, you can choose to make online orders for takeout from their website.

19) OMG Squee


OMG Squee is a facility that only serves gluten-free cookies and desserts.

If you’re craving dessert in Austin, you should visit this place.

The café is entirely gluten-free! Asian American treats, including teriyaki, macarons, mochi doughnuts, cheesecakes, and bubble tea, are available.

Their custard filling, strawberry topping, cookies, and cream macaroon are so good you should try them.

20) Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen is a dedicated gluten-free kitchen that offers a menu of gluten-free options that includes appetizers, desserts, meatballs, pancakes, and more. It is an excellent location for grabbing a bite to eat.

You should try their Bruschetta Chicken; it’s delicious!

The only sad part is that it’s not an excellent spot to sit and dine in the summer because only outdoor seating is available.



For more gluten-free meals, you can also visit Zucchini Kill Bakery at 701 E 53rd St, Austin, De Nada Cantina at 4715 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, Clay Pit at 1601 Guadalupe St Austin, Steeping Room at 4400 N Lamar Blvd Austin, Phoebe’s Diner at 533 Oltorf St, Austin and Gati Ice Cream at 1512 Holly St, Austin.

The risk of cross-contamination, which poses a severe threat to those with celiac disease, is the only drawback of non-gluten-free dedicated facilities.

Therefore, consider this risk before placing an order from any of those eateries.